Who is Ted Mcgrath

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This site is hosted by an Ted fan, and has a purpose to help people to understand how woodwork could take youself to a new level of tecnical woodworking service, and develop skills to maintain satisfied clients or have a good entrentaining to Do It Youself furnitures taking an cheap option to have your house of dreans at low cost and great woodworks.

Think with me, imagine that you now have some free time and since young you has a natural talent to do things and artistic special skill, so Ted Woodworking plans fit for you.

Maybe if you still some confused take a look about who is Ted Mcgrath.

Who is Ted Mcgrath

What could you think about a Certified Master Woodworker and Member of Architectural Woodwork Institute ? Yes. This is a short description of who is Ted Mcgrath, he’s also act as educator, author and trainer.

His life purpose since a very young age was do the best job he can with woodworking, and for it he attend all most practical wood shops and classes almost weekly for decades with the senses of bring his woodworking job to take on a new high level.

A notorious fact is that on  high school we wishes wear a wooden backpack, and he did it, not only this but he also started to build furniture around his family house. Needless to say my archive of woodworking plans grew extremely large as I began to amass them.

Ted Mcgrath work has been displayed locally and internationlly. Demonstrating how much he loves to transform ordinary wood into an eclectic array of styles and his believe the heart of the work lies within the choice of wood, grain, and texture. it is one of his secrets.

Sice he is now semi-retired, he could’t stop himself and his love for woodworks so he’s  still active in woodwork groups and teaching in a technical college for a wood turning class twice a week and also thru internet.

So all this made him create TedsWoodworking.com as a culmination of his life’s work to spread the joys of woodworking to the universe. He kept an archive of all his woodworking plans and blueprints that he owned. In total its over 2000 high quality woodwork plans that you can take access on his “Ted Woodworks Program”.

On September 2014 he had an turn arround of lucky that made Jim Hanks join him as a former woodworking teacher and together they created the largest archive of woodworking project plans available in the world!  And this became a great news for you, because he’s not only do you get thousands high quality plans, but you also get all of Jim’s which means you are actually getting instant access to over 16,000 woodworking plans. Yes over 16,000 plans! You have to agree that this help you build and entire world of woodworking things.

Ted Mcgrath also challenge you that if there is not a woodwork project in there for you, he don’t knows what to say.